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Dentistry for Kids

Young girl brushing her teeth after visiting Singing River Dentistry.Our pediatric dentists dedicate their skills and expertise to kids from infancy throughout their teenage years. Unlike adults, children’s teeth are constantly developing and require a dentist who understands their oral health and can help with proper dental care. Starting at six months of age, children begin growing their baby teeth, then begin losing those teeth starting at around ages five to seven.

Without proper monitoring, children may begin developing oral decay and disease that may lead to permanent complications in their adulthood. Dental diseases in children are five times higher than those who develop asthma, making it imperative they have an expert to help with their oral hygiene. If you are seeking a professional pediatric dentist, here are Singing River Dentistry, we can provide optimal services to children of all ages.

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Pediatric Dentist vs. General Dentist

Both pediatric dentists and general dentists must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in dental school, giving them both a high level of knowledge in the field. However, a general dentist may attend a residency, begin working at a practice, or go into a specialty upon graduation. A pediatric dentist must complete a two-year residency training in dentistry for infants, young children, and teenagers before working for, or starting a practice.

During this two-year residency, pediatric dentists learn how to work with parents, understand the proper development of baby teeth, and how to ensure the perfect oral health of children who begin to grow into their adult teeth. This knowledge makes our professionals specialists with children from the beginning of their baby teeth journey to the end of their physical development period.

What Types of Treatments Do Our Pediatric Dentists Perform?

Our pediatric dentists provide a comprehensive list of dental and oral health care for kids. Starting at an infant level, pediatric dentists can perform infant oral health exams that allow them to assess any risk for caries, any infectious disease, in both the child and mother. Parents who are struggling to stop their child from using a pacifier or sucking their thumb may find habit counseling provided by a pediatric dentist both useful and meaningful.

Our professionals also provide preventative dental care including exams, dental cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Recommendations for diet and nutrition may also be provided to ensure optimal oral health. We are also able to assess and recommend treatment for teeth straining and correcting an over-bite or under-bite. Dental injuries, cavity and defect repair, diagnosis of oral conditions associated with specific diseases, and gum disease management are other areas of specialized care provided by a pediatric dentist.

Can a Pediatric Dentist Treat Adults?

While pediatric dentists can provide treatment for adults, most do not have patients over the age of 18. Like other specialties, pediatric dentists know where they are most knowledgeable and prefer to keep themselves in that area. This gives more time to learn and cultivate a specialty in dentistry for kids rather than general dentistry.

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist starting as soon as their first tooth begins coming in is imperative. As with adults, it is recommended to schedule a checkup every six months for your child to ensure optimal dental health. If you are looking for a knowledgeable pediatric dentist, contact Singing River Dentistry at today for an immediate appointment.

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